Graffiti Wars: Team Robbo Vs. Banksy. (Art/Graffiti)

Since 1985, the oldest graffiti in London sat quietly gathering dust along the banks of the Regent’s Canal in Camden, North London. Robbo was a legendary graffiti artist for years before Banksy had hit the streets, and legend has it a beef developed between them following a first meeting that went sour. What really set off the ensuing war though was Banksy covering up half of Robbo‘s work pictured above. After that a tit for tat volley of ammunition of paint, stencils and spraycans battled for glory and status in the same spot. Channel 4 did an excellent job documenting this whole deal, and it brings up the old street art vs. graffiti thing, as well as Banksy‘s predecessor Blek Le Rat making an appearance from Paris. Really worth checking out.

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