5Pointz RIP: Landmark NYC Graffiti Museum Got Jacked. (Art/Graffiti)


If you haven’t yet heard of 5Pointz, it’s was just another crappy studio complex in New York. What made 5Pointz so unique is that since 93, under the guise of a graffiti prevention program, it allowed aerosol artists a space to work freely. The result was essentially perhaps the most important graffiti landmarks in North America, showcasing works from artists from all over the globe. Last night, the entire building was painted over, permanently erasing a significant chunk of cultural history overnight. The reason? The building is scheduled for demolition to make way for luxury condominiums. I was scheduled for a trip to NYC, and 5Pointz was going to be one of my stops. I’m very sad I’ve never had a chance to see it firsthand, but at least until someone else steps up and creates a similar space for artists, we all have the photos to look at. Check out some of them below, along with a documentary clip from Graffiti is Legal. (photos of works by: Kid Lew, Shiro & Yes1, Roofie, Jerms/Topaz/Fever, 3ess, and Kram)







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