ABVH Makes Dope Ass Animated GIFs. (Art/Technology)


After a very careful scientific study, I have determined that 99.99% of animated gifs you find on the internet are lame. I usually see them, and think to myself, why? Why did you spend so much time looping a kitten going downstairs? Don’t get me wrong. I’m no monster. I love kittens. They are both cute and hilarious. But lucky for us, there is a .1%. Check out some stunning gifs below – great examples of subltlety through movement to illustrate the passing of time. ABVH is a super talented digital artist hailing from Serbia. He’s got this amazeballs tumblr where he posts only 100% super sweet gifs featuring not just his signature Banksy gifs, but loads more from other talented artists. Check out some of them below, and visit his site for more.






Artists above: Banksy by ABVH, Silver Surfer by Francesco Francavilla, Filip Andronik by ABVH, Dobrosav Bob Živković, Superman by ABVH, Banksy by ABVH.

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