Hot New Videos: Mister Lies, False Astronomy & Huxley.(Music Review)

In the 1960s, a bunch of kids called the Merry Pranksters used to throw parties after taking a bunch of acid. They’d project these crazy visuals to trip out to. 30 years later, ravers used to do the same thing. Now video editors do it for the exact same reason. To f*ck with our minds! Hypnotic, restrained, and beautiful, just like the track that goes along with it. It kind of feels like being wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket of Xanax. I double dare you, naw man, I triple dare you to only listen to this track once.

Here’s another one from Mr.Lies, it’s hard to put into words a description for these. Words like dreamlike, ethereal, mesmerising come to mind, but man oh man, just stop reading and listen to the damn song already. I’ll say it does sound like the kind of song you listen to on your ipod while on a busride between cities at night with droplets of rain all streaming across the window and the headlights and streetlights all blurry and out of focus though.

Ok, so now it’s time to wake up a bit. Can’t leave you all hanging like that. Check this next track out. It’s an absolute banger of a tune (you’ll know what I mean as soon as the bassline drops) that unbelievably only clocks in at 1:58, so you know what that means? REEWIND SELECTAH! Images apparently come from a film called Café Flesh, a post-apocalyptic cult porno science fiction film from 1982.

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