Hot New Videos: Com Truise & Mouse on Mars.(Music Review)

Com Truise put out a new video a couple of months ago that slipped under my radar until now. I’m glad I found it. The synth heavy track provides the perfect background noise to essentially a short film. The first thing you’ll notice is The Terminator font face as the intro credits roll and what follows next is shades of 80s film noir Blade Runner goodness. There’s even a friggin’ Commodore 64 in it. Gold!

And speaking of gold, this next track by Mouse on Mars has got heaps of it in the next vid, at least in pixie dust form. When there’s a guy dancing in a Mexican wrestling mask in the back alleys of LA with a French Bulldog companion, you don’t ask questions man, you just go with the flow. The track is chip tunish, eclectic and unpredictable, so it all makes sense, at least it does to me. But if you think these cats are from LA – guess again; they’re actually two mad scientists from Germany that formed in 93. Scroll below for an excellent interview that exposes the Mouse on Mars music making process.

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