Title Scream & Chiptunes: 8 bit Sound & Vision Get Revisited. (Music)

Remember all those awesome games you grew up with back in the day? I’m talking Atari, Commodore 64, Nintendo, Coleco, Sega Genesis days. I’m talking Tab Colas, Jawbreakers, PEZ, Fruit Rollups and Big League Chew. But enough about the food – I’m not sure how I let food distract me so easily. Probably because I spent half my childhood stuffing my face with Dorito’s Nacho Cheese chips while playing Gauntlet and Buck Rogers on my C-64 in the basement.
Check out Title Scream and re-discover totally awesome graphic screen art from the 80s.

And speaking of 8 bit graphics, there’s also a Chiptune resurgence; music inspired by 80s gaming is getting hugely popular. What’s interesting is that it’s not limited to those growing up with the sound. As with all genres of music, younger people discover it and remix it to fit their own style and self-expression. Music and art is truly timeless and borderless. Visit Chiptune today – it’s got a deliciously retro style interface coupled with tons of free chiptune goodness. And below are a few exceptional examples of Chiptune tracks.

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