Shot By Kern: Punk Rock Erotica Photography Gets Framed. (Photography)

Richard Kern began his career in New York City as an underground artist self-publishing a zine called Heroin Addict, then re-named The Valium Addict. But he really got known as a punk rock video artist in the 80s most notably directing Sonic Youth‘s Death Valley 69 and weird and interesting films like Straw Dogs & You Killed Me First! Since then he’s probably better known for hardcore style erotica pictures that grace the pages of Purple, GQ, Playboy and Vice. There’s a great series called Shot By Kern* that rides along side his international shoots treading the fine line between porn and erotica. But regardless of the box you put him in, Kern’s work is unmistakably stark, natural, beautiful and sometimes shocking. Click here* to check it out. *Link contains nudity.

Images courtesy Richard Kern. Collage above courtesy Rebel Rebel Anti-Style

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