Split Second Science: Photographer Fabian Oefner Captures The Impossible. (Photography)

Anyone that’s ever picked up a camera knows it’s next to impossible to get the exact right moment. A significant percentage of great shots, even by professional photographers, or your grandmother, were flukes. A mistake. A glitch in the space time continuum. Photographer Fabian Oefner has put this to the test though, by using a variety of high tech equipment to capture the precise moment of money shot greatness. His projects include thousands of pieces of salt exposed to sound from a speaker, the moment a soap bubble breaks, and experiments with long term exposures on fibre glass lamps.

What’s interesting is that in each photo, although the precise moment is captured, what counts the most is what happens in that moment. The subtle difference in colour, movement, and texture is all so unpredictable but it’s the remarkable individual beauty that counts. And in the end, that’s what really makes a great shot, isn’t it?

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