Welcome to the World of David LaChapelle. (Photography)

I first came across the work of famed photographer David LaChapelle through the world of fashion magazines. I fell in love with fashion photography at a young age – my neighbor’s mom at a summer cottage was Belgian and had impeccable taste. She also had stacks of fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle and that’s probably the earliest memory of my first encounter with images of beauty and perfection, which eventually led me to get into photography, design, and film. When I got older, I went through a brief period of magazine addiction, and that was a time when LaChapelle was doing covers for mags like Details and Rolling Stone. I fell in love with his work immediately – it was, and continues to be – a blend of style, sex, glamour and a sometimes disturbing surrealism. Since then, he’s done 2 movies, and currently has an exhibition of his work touring the world. He also happens to be in the news lately for a lawsuit with Rihanna, in regards to her S & M video, in which he claims is a ripoff of his work. Check out some more his work below along with cool interview.

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