Perturbator’s New Album: Sexualizer. Listen to it Here !!!(Music Review)


I only recently discovered Perturbator, and was quite glad I did. If you’ve come to this blog before, you know I’m a huge John Carpenter fan. Not only of his directorial style and subject matter, but his film scores are just dopetastic. I thought of those films immediately after hearing Perturbator‘s work. It’s no surprise then, that Perturbator cites Carpenter as an influence, along with New Order, Tears for Fears and Vangelis. His work is pure retro futuristic synthy awesomeness. The new album aptly titled Sexualizer is out now. According to his facebook page, the EP is a story driven album based on a fictional character named Jimmy.

“Meet Jimmy, an actor on the set of his new blockbuster film: “Sexualizer”. Jimmy is a porn star, and unfortunately for him, a drug addict. Ever since Jimmy’s agent hooked him up with a new strain of Angel Dust, his grip on reality has started to slip. When the tension is too high and the girls are too hot, Jimmy can’t help but start brutally killing anyone who gets in his way. But when Jimmy is caught and ends up in prison, the line between reality and drug-induced fantasy begins to blur, and he soon discovers that all of his actions may have been part of “Sexualizers” plot…”

Check out the entire album below and go here to purchase a track.

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