Hot New Track – Ellie Goulding: Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)(Music Review)


Another gorgeous track courtesy of Majestic Casual. Beautiful vocals from Ellie Goulding set the mood here, and it only gets better from there. Yes, this song has a saxophone solo, which, as a child from the 80s, I am genetically predisposed to, thanks to Kenny G. and all the Lethal Weapons movies. This track is a sexy sizzle fest perfect for bbq season. Just remember to wear an apron.

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4 thoughts on “Hot New Track – Ellie Goulding: Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)(Music Review)

  1. I think artists like Ellie definitely give credibility to the concept of a successful Cover. What most audiences largely forget about covers is that the purpose is to spread the lyrics to different relevant styles.
    Not everyone enjoys all kinds of music, so with great covers such as this one the Ellie fans will now be exposed to such a great song. It can also be said that if an artist feels that a certain song needs a spotlight ‘bump’ because it is just that good then a cover/tribute is the fastest, cheapest, and efficient way of doing so.
    What do you think?
    I highly recommend the original for any ambient playlists you may have.

    1. You’re right, covers and remixes rarely get the credit they deserve,
      and it’s a great way to get an audience to discover a new genre, while broadening the artist’s
      I’ll have to check out the original, haven’t yet had the time to do it.
      Thanks so much for such an insightful comment.

      1. Opens it in Spotify for you to save you the trouble.
        It’s funny to note the recent trend of artists actually selling Remix albums as new material haha

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