New Trailer Out: Machete Kills. (Film)


So what do we know about Machete Kills? Like it’s predecessor, it’s written and directed by Robert Rodrieguez, who also brought us another great grindhouse favourite of mine; Planet Terror. This one looks just as badass, plus it’s packing tons of eye candy including Michelle Rodrieguez, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, and Hollywood bad boys Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. Oh yeah, and Lady Gaga. In theaters this September.

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One thought on “New Trailer Out: Machete Kills. (Film)

  1. OMG! Sexiest and coolest film poster ever! Michelle is my idol (along with Juliette Lewis she is the only other woman I wouldn’t kick out of my bed) and I reckon Robert Rodriequez rules. OK fan-girl moment over lol

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