Exploitation Films Get Exploited. (Film)

In the spirit of the season of Halloween, wired came up with a list of the wildest exploitation movies. Some of my personal favourites are included including the lovely ladies of Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Another favourite of mine is Assault on Precinct 13, although I have a hard time choosing between John Carpenter movies, as I adore just about all of them. I should do a post on just his movies some day.

There is the classic Coffy, starring the incomperable Pam Grier, whose career was resurrected in the mid 90s thanks to Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.

And finally, although it didn’t make wired‘s list, I’m going to include another favourite of mine. The classic Super Fly, which has one of the best soundtracks, provided by Curtis Mayfield.

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