5 Super Sweet Vintage Movie Posters (Art/Film)

1. Blade Runner. (1982) An awesome poster for an equally awesome movie, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford. This is Japanese goodness at it’s best. I have no idea what the copy says, but the images make me want to see the movie again. And again.

2. The Killers. (1964). I stumbled across this poster while researching this article. I’ve never seen the movie, but it’s starring Ronald Reagan, who later became President of the United States. Scary.  This poster really reminds me of classic “Pulp Fiction” novels from the 1950s.  Love the silencer on the gun too. Pretty sweet.

3. Dr No (1962). From the very first Bond movie comes the very best Bond poster starring the incomperable Sean Connery.   It’s got everything – the girls, an exotic location (notice the palm trees bottom left), a smoking gun, and if you look carefully you can see the villain on the left center side of the poster. They only show half of him which is kind of neat I think.  I believe also there is  a version somewhere where there is a martini in Bond’s other hand.  Or maybe I just hope there is.

4. Barbarella (1968).  Starring Jane Fonda, a ridiculous film that should be enjoyed by everyone at least once in their lives. It works well at parties as background wallpaper, as nothing beats 1960s futuristic set designs and props. Let’s examine what’s happening here: She is on the moon wearing a bikini looking lost. There is a spaceship behind her which is crashing and burning on the surface.  Then you’ve got this dominatrix type brunette in the background looking rather threatening. Looks good to me! Sign me up for the next flight.

5. Forbidden Planet (1956). I’m just going to say it. Robots are cool. The End.

BONUS. Empire Strikes Back (1980). Most people choose the first Star Wars poster as the iconic image for the series, but I think this one is way cooler because of the prominence of Darth Vader, Tie Fighters, and storm troopers. I love the fact that it’s hand painted. A great representation of the best movie in the series, in my opinion.

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