Mister Lies’ New Album: Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard.(Music Review)

February is looking to be a great month for new releases. Sure – there’s the new Die Antwoord and Com Truise albums to look forward to. But another artist I’m super excited about is Vermont based producer Mr. Lies. You might remember him from “False Astronomy” fame. His real name is Nick Zanca, and his new album is out sometime this month. Little else is known about it, which makes sense when your name is Mr. Lies (a moniker he adapted after one of his favourite plays; Tony Kushner’s Angels in America). He’s created a blog where he’s answered a couple questions, and just launched a website. His debut entry included his love for Tom Waits, and his thoughts on his meteoric rise to fame. But most interestingly is what he’s revealed here:

if you are expecting songs like false astronomy or cleam on the next album, i’m sorry but that’s just not happening. if this is at all frustrating, that’s on you. aesthetically speaking i cannot stay in one place for too long. i’m not a one trick pony. i never was. in the most beautiful and bizarre way i have become terrified of the music i am making now. i finally feel that i can make the music that i WANT to make.

I love it when artists refuse to be pigeonholed. If I was excited about this next release beforehand, I’m certainly intrigued even moreso after reading that. If you’re looking for more specific clues as to where the album might be headed, he’s released a mix of tracks that have inspired him into making it. It’s a pretty unique blend of soundscapes and textures.

lewis – i thought the world of you
scott walker – on your own again
swv – rain
arthur russell – see-through
dean blunt – the narcissist (ft. inga copeland)
oval – glossy
sweet trip – fruitcake and cookies
dream – what we gonna do about us
cristian vogel – remyxamatosis
ricky eat acid – “can you see its bloom”
the blue nile – the downtown lights
terry callier – what color is love
alexander o’neal – if you were here tonight (machinedrum edit)
radiohead – the gloaming (seablaze edit)
say anything – wow i can get sexual too (dj foot massage edit)
daedelus – curtains don’t talk
addison groove – footcrab
xxyyxx – fields (dj foot massage edit)
dj rashad – everybody
dj dj booth – heaven (ag cook remix)
daniel bedingfield – gotta get through this
spectre waltz – lapse
anne laplantine – semuin [start no04]
donny hathaway – someday we’ll all be free

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