We Never Have To Be Alone – Will Sheff’s Love Letter to a Long Lost Performance: Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Live 1974 (Music History)


While perusing one of my current favourite sites Longform (if you haven’t already, you should really visit sometime, it’s got tons of fascinating reads), I came across one of the best pieces of music writing in some time. Will Sheff, a musician and writer paid tribute to one of his favourite music concerts on video. It’s a Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show concert on German television from 1974. If you’re a little hazy on their repertoire, their big hit was Cover of the Rolling Stone. I really can’t do the article any more justice, you really have to read it. Here’s my favourite clip from the concert, but I strongly recommend you reading the article in it’s entirety before watching any more of the (possibly) drug induced, reckless, joyful mess of a musical journey.

EDIT: It looks like youtube yanked my original video. Here’s a replacement. It may be a different song, but the performance is every bit as memorable.

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