DG Exclusive – Interview with Daredevil Legend Mustang Wanted. (Interview)


If you haven’t heard of Mustang Wanted, there’s still a good chance you’ve seen some of his photographs somewhere on the interwebz. They’re usually taken on top of insanely high buildings and stomach churning. A self styled urban explorer/free climber with a penchant for scaling buildings with little more than a GoPro camera and a decent pair of kicks, this 25 year old, born and raised in Kiev, keeps his identity a tightly guarded secret. Lucky for us though, Mustang was kind enough to take time out of his highrise obsessions to answer some questions via Skype. As my Russian is a bit rusty and his English isn’t great, we relied on Google translator, so his answers are a tad on the brief side.

Let’s start with your name first. You go by an usual alias. What is the origin of Mustang Wanted?

I don’t really know, it’s just an old name I’ve used.

It’s safe to assume that you hide your identity because some of your exploits are technically illegal, correct? Have you ever been arrested? What happened?

Yes. It was frequent enough. That I do that is not pleasant of police.

Do you remember the first thing you climbed as a child?
I don’t remember.

This may seem like an obvious question, but why do you do this? Is it simply for the rush of adrenaline?

Adrenaline does not happen almost. I like to do it.

Other than getting arrested, there’s an even worse threat – that is, to your health and safety. What types of precautions do you take? How did you train for this? Do you ever get scared?
I am kneaded, have a good time. Sometimes I do not prepare. Not terribly.

Have you ever injured yourself while climbing?
Not seriously.


There seems to be a growing movement of urban explorers and climbers, why do you think that is?
Yes, I agree. I think it is because of the internet.

What’s next for Mustang Drive? Tell us about your upcoming plans/projects.
I do not speak about them, I can’t disclose them (for security reasons)

What’s your ultimate building to climb?
The question is not so clear. I like to climb on houses, sometimes to rise on them. It is cheerful.

Cheerful indeed. Check out one of his hair raising videos below. For more videos, check out his youtube page.

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