μ-Ziq’s New Album: Chewed Corners is Due out June 24. (Music)


It’s so easy to get get caught up in the hype of the upcoming Daft Punk album, but as Do Androids Dance‘s Khal recently pointed out, there’s tons of other fresh new tunes recently released that are totally worthwhile checking out. From his 10 Great New Releases that Aren’t Daft Punk – here’s my favourite.

Mike Paradinas aka μ-Ziq or m-Ziq has just returned from a 6 year hiatus and his new stuff is really good. Layered synth heavy beats peppered with random, reassuring keyboard work make this great music to stare out the window and watch summer unfold, perhaps through the refracted gaze of a black Lamborghini going 300 MPH.

Both these tracks are off m-Ziq‘s upcoming EP album Chewed Corners, out June 24th. You can listen to the tracks and pre-order them here.

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