Blue is the Warmest Colour: Lesbian Coming of Age Story Wins Top Prize at Cannes. (Film/Animation)


This year’s coveted Palme D’Or over at Cannes just went to a film called Blue is the Warmest Colour. Directed by Abdelatif Kechiche, it’s a story about 2 young women finding their sexuality, and of course, there’s tons of hype around the 20 minute graphic sex scene. But if you look past all that, it’s apparently a really great film. It also seems fitting that this movie gets the attention it deserves in a country which only very recently voted to legalize gay marriage, amidst sometimes violent opposition. It’s also pretty significant that this is the fist time a film based on a comic book (originally written by Julie Maroh) took this prize. Looking forward to seeing this one. No trailer yet, but check out some stills from the original comic, as well as two clips from the film.



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