The Stone Roses: 2 Essential Documentaries Uncover a Complicated History. (Documentary)


If you grew up in the 90s, you remember The Stone Roses. Every generation seems to have a band like this one; where they have a massive debut album and then somehow seem to fade into obscurity. That first album is just so good, you can listen to it over and over without ever growing tired of it. But what really happened to the band? Well here are two docs that attempt to answer that very question. The Stone Roses: Made of Stone is a recent doc directed by Shane Meadows and covers the band reuniting after 16 years for a legendary concert with tons of archival footage from their early years.

There’s also an excellent doc from the BBC called Blood On The Turntable – War of the Roses that uncovers the troubled history with their seemingly vampire of a manager, a city that had turned against them (It’s important to point out that the Roses were from Manchester; the same town that spawned Joy Divison/New Order, The Happy Mondays, etc.), and to put it bluntly – colossally shitty record deals. But even without all that content, this doc is worthwhile just to see peeps like Shaun Ryder from the Mondays and Noel Gallagher knocking back pints in a pub. Watch the entire movie below.


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