Mysterious Genius Drops Fresh Remix: Mos Def/ Louis Futon/ Miss Fat Booty.(Music Review)

This turned up in my inbox yesterday, and even though I was at work (my other day job), something compelled me to press play on the soundcloud file immediately. I wasn’t disappointed. Genius, I later discovered, is a producer that appeared out of nowhere six months ago. I wasn’t able to glean much of anything else about him or her, or it – (these days, what with self driving cars, and robots that look increasingly human, it’s not entirely impossible that Genius is the first A.I. producer right?) I was, however, able to determine that Genius enjoys pineapple for breakfast, claiming it is a number one source of inspiration for making beats. This totally makes sense when you think about it; a healthy nutritious breakfast before cooking up a batch of fat ass beats. Genius concluded his last correspondence by stating he/she/it/whatever would rather let the music speak for itself. So let’s do that, shall we? Here’s that Mos Def Remix, along with 2 other dope Genius Vision remixes.

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