Finding Vivian Maier: New Doc Uncovers Secret Street Shooter. (Documentary)

I first wrote about Vivian Maier in a previous post several years ago. Maier worked as a live in nanny for well heeled Chicago families in tony neighborhoods. There was nothing all that remarkable about her profession; it was what she got up to in her spare time that intrigues. To say she had a double life as a photographer would be an injustice; it might be more fair to say she may very well have been one of the greatest portrait photographers working in that era. But maybe the coolest thing I love about this story is that she shared her pictures with noone. She didn’t do it for the accolades, for the fame, or for the money. She did it simply because she just had to do it. Finding Vivian Meier is the new documentary that tells the whole story behind the mysterious woman and her compelling photographs. Directed by John Maloof, and now playing at select screenings across North America.



January, 1953, New York, NY


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