Rome Cee: Baltimore Rapper Releases New Video for The M.E.D.S. (Music)

Once you hear some of his work, it’s pretty clear West Baltimore area rapper Rome Cee graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hip Hop School, citing Nas, Biggie and Wu-Tang as his greatest influences. Last week he dropped a brand new video for The M.E.D.S, one of his tracks off his third and latest album entitled EarthSide. It’s a solid track that covers lots of ground with thoughtful rhymes centering around everyday hardships and struggles over clean, soul tinged beats. Instead of the standard visuals of high rolling rented SUVs and lots of platinum and gold necklaces, we have archival, behind the scenes b roll shots of Baltimore. The whole package has an indy, d.i.y feel to it that is both gritty and real. Listen to more of the album below, and go here to purchase and support the artist. Video Shot by Kirby Griffin for 4th Eye Diaries.

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