Sotr Caf: Mid West Hip Hop Artist Releases New Album. (Music Review)

Sotr Caf as a moniker may seem a mouthful to verbalize, which makes sense when this guy spits rhymes, because he has alot to say. Based in the Mid West, this Iowan artist is far from a one trick pony. Sotr not only raps, he’s also an accomplished turntablist, scratch wizard, beat maker and has even been known to whip out his harmonica on occasion. His self-released new album One More Step contains an impressive number of tracks with a fresh, classic sound, each which it’s own individual vibe to it. Not only do I love the complex beat arrangements, there’s some great scratch work, the vocal delivery is flawlessly smooth, and the content is pure old school storytelling. Highly recommended. Go here to purchase a track and support the artist.

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