Kiesza’s Hideaway: Bringing Back Some Old School Flavour.(Music Review)

Calgary born Kiesza‘s latest hit has exploded over the interwebz with an accompanying music video that’s garnered everyone’s attention for the whole single shot/ one take aspect. And deservedly so; it’s got some really neat choreography and eye catching visuals, but for me it’s the song itself that’s blown me away. Hideaway is a glorious return to hair raising deep house vocals with minimal, old school production. It’s maybe no surprise then, that Kiesza’s mom was a fan of early dance music, and she grew up with a steady diet of Robin S and CeCe Peniston. After hearing the beats laid out by Producer Rami Samir Afuni, the song was reportedly written, recorded and mastered in 90 minutes. Here’s the original video along with a live version of the song performed for Kiss Fm. Hideaway is out on the NYC label Lokal Legend, and is currently sitting comfortably at #1 of Itune sales in the UK. Go here to pick up a copy.

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