Genius Vision New Album: Out Today.(Music Review)

It was one fateful Valentine’s day that I received my first email from Genius, a mysterious producer with little more than a SoundCloud page, with a remix they did for a Mos Def track. I was immediately intrigued, and hooked ever since. Genius has been releasing new tracks sporadically, each one with that signature slick, slowed down Genius twist resulting in hypnotizing beats that pop. Today marks the day the full debut album is out. It’s got 10 songs plus an intro and includes an original called Young Vision Harry. Could this be a clue that his real name is Harry? We may never know. All we can hope for are fresh new tunes in the near future from this talented, anonymous beat maker. All tracks are available for free. Listeners have the option to chip in some shrapnel for his new tune, so I’ll include that one separately below.

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