Hot New Tracks: The Freshest of the Fresh Part Tres: Re-Edits, Remixes & Mashups.(Music Review)

Welcome to the third instalment of Freshness. I was hoping to originally dedicate it to Canada Day last week, but life got busy, so let’s call this a mid summer love dedication. So wherever you find yourself right now; maybe it’s on some beautiful sandy beach somewhere, or maybe in a back yard with some meats grilling on the bbq, and a cold one in your hand…Hope you’re making the most of it. Now, it’s time to crack open another bag of salty sweet deliciousness.

ODB + Palov + Mishkin = Shimmy Shimmy Like This ~ Bay Puree Mashup
Nothing says summer like a little latin flavour, and when you lace it with classic Ol’ Dirty Bastard vocals, the only thing missing is some form of herbal refreshment. You know, like Green Tea.

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)
One thing you can always count on any Ta-Ku track; it’s always playful to a point, before getting delightfully dangerous with a ratcheting intensity that builds until it just disappears, and you feel like you just got ripped off just like when that tranny hooker robbed you after you fell asleep in that cheap motel last week. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.

Rihanna – Stay /// 20Syl you can’t be serious Remix
Before you’re all like…say what?? Ri-fucking-anna?? Seriously?? What happened DG? Just trust me. Take a listen. I promise you’ll find yourself surprised.

ZHU vs Peter & The Magician – Memories Of A Cocaine Model (Purple Tokyo, Tribute 2 The Unknown Edit)
Glorious, hypnotizing synth lines float through the air punctuated with gentle voices that reminisce…I will, I will, I will, never forget the thrill..this track takes you from the runway to the private jet and untold sleepness nights but this time, without the loss of money or self-respect.(probably)

What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix)
There are two types of Trap. Lame ass trap, and songs like this one. It just plain tickles the ears! I would say more, but…ondelay, ondelay, the summer is calling. Until next time, muchachos.

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