True Stories: Pickpocket School, A Mafia Pizzeria, Gang Initiations & A Bank Robbery Without a Gun. (Podcasts)

I absolutely love this new series I discovered on CBC Radio One a few weeks ago. It’s the US based Moth Series, and the concept is a simple one. Simply put, it’s real stories told by real people in front a live audience. We’ve all heard the famous axiom that truth is often times much stranger than fiction, and these stories are no exception. Here are a few of my favourites so far. Unfortunately, I can’t embed these puppies (with the exception of the Gavagan tale), so click the name, then click listen on the new page. You can also download podcasts from itunes.

Pickpocket Schoolby Sherman O.T. Powell
A pickpocket gets schooled in the fine art of thievery until it all goes up in smoke.

Anthony The Hatby Richie DiSalvo
A pizza maker falls in with the Mob quicker than you can down a baby Calzone.

It’s Like Borrowingby Shannon Cason
A gambling addiction quickly spirals out of control into a bank robbery without a gun.

Victim’s Impactby Ed Gavagan
The survivor of a gang initiation involving 5 kids with knives left Ed on death’s door, but he somehow found a way to hang on, and has an emotional, heart wrenching story to tell. This one made me tear up a bit.



Top Image featuring Sherman “O.T.” Powell with a sign on The Moth’s first West Coast tour. Photo by Steve Osborne.

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