Snakehips’ After I Met U is Dopeness Re-Defined. (Music Review)

(UPDATE:: Snakehips have recently revealed an upcoming Fall US/Canada Tour. For dates & venues, go here. In celebration of this occasion, they’ve also dropped a sick new mix via Hypetrack aptly titled Coming To America. Check it Below.)

After I Met U is a track that has been a crowd favourite (and rightly so) at live gigs by producer duo Snakehips. They’ve finally made it available online just over two weeks ago. It’s a song that samples heavily from Cheri Dennis’ I Love You until 2 minutes in when they drop some JLo in there from Get Right. Of course, all of it comes with some added fresh beats and a sprinkle of that trademark Snakehips glitch on top. Does it work? Unbelievably so. This is dopeness re-defined, homie.

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