Fallen Leaves & Fresh New Vibes: Genius + Mr Lies. (Music Review)

I just headed up north to cottage country for the last weekend of the summer. Yesterday, I got up just after dawn, and eased myself into the cold, clear lake water for the last time, my feet slipping on smooth stones before I dived in completely, swimming quickly out to the small moored wooden dock about a hundred metres out. I climbed up and sat there with my feet in the water and looked out onto the lake. I knew it was going to be the last time this season. But for once, I wasn’t sad about it. As you get older you realize that without change, things get stagnant. They get stale. As humans also, we need to try new things; we need to evolve to stay relevant. So in the spirit of change, here are two recent submissions that signify new directions from artists.

Mister Lies – Flood You/ Medusa
Nick Zanca AKA Mister Lies has been working on a new album for some time now. It should be out October through Orchid Tapes. It’s called Shadow, and you can pre-order it here. Although Flood You/Medusa (mastered by Warren Hildebrand) is a self-release, it’s been cited as a teaser to the new album. Orchid has also dropped Deepend, a track off the new record. The whole thing is more ethereal and dreamy than False Astronomy days, and it’s still very, very good.

Genius – Vowels
Just off the heels of his debut album, Genius is already hard at work, diversifying from his re-edits and remixing and onto creating fresh material. It’s a departure that’s sometimes tricky for other producers, but not this one. Genius went back to school and he’s already aced his A,B,C’s and is onto vowels and conjugation. The results are delightfully offbeat irreverance and left of center bouncy beat goodness. Change can be good.

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