Thrift Paint Remix: Dave Pollot Likes His Art with Robots & Spaceships. (Art)

We’ve all done it before. Scouring the aisles at your local Sally Ann or Value Village, searching for that special, unique, one of a kind, je ne sais quois. Macklemore’s 2012 ode to the thrift shop experience made shopping for vintage cool again, even though it was always arguably way cooler to get dope threads for a fraction of the cost of what the local department store charges. If you’re not into clothing, there’s also board games, but you gotta check for missing pieces. Then there’s the gadgets, like old super 8 cameras and 3d viewmasters. Sure there’s some obsolete stuff like VCR’s and tape decks, but there’s usually a decent stereo receiver that you stare at and wonder if you should get. 30 bucks. Hmmmm. Wonder if it works.

Then there’s the “Art” section. Amidst the piles of cat posters with inspirational sayings, there’s usually a pile of amateur grade landscapes and my personal favourite: dogs. Or more cats. Some of them are just so bad. But some of them, are so bad that they’re good. Kind of.
Dave Pollot buys these paintings.
Then, he makes them better.


Dave is a software writer with a Computer Science degree, but he also happens to be a talented painter. He began his repurposed thrift art career one fateful day in 2010, and hasn’t looked back since. An avid pop culture and science fiction fan, Pollot injects a variety of references from his creative arsenal: spaceships, robots, video game characters. There are also references to iconic films like Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Donnie Darko, X-Men, Simpsons, Futurama, and tons more all playfully inserted into the unsuspecting landscapes of yesterday. The great news here is, like what you’d find at that dusty old thrift store, Pollot’s remixes are super affordable. Check out his store and buy one today.






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