Fantom: Massive Attack’s New App Hacks Your Environment For a Signature Remix. (Music & Technology)

After a six year hiatus, the Bristol band that helped seal Trip Hop into the vernacular on a world wide scale are back with a vengance. Not only have they just launched a European tour, Massive Attack have also released an interesting new app that contains brand new material. But that’s not quite all it does.

Fantom is a device that produces live remixes that reportedly, will “reflect your movement and balance, the time of day or night, your location and your surroundings as captured by your device’s camera.” Also, according to the app’s official site, you’ll have the ability to share the end production with your friends through iMessage, Twitter, Instagram or plain old email.

There isn’t anything new released, at least, officially yet (aside from what’s on the app), so I’m going to include some music from their last album below. It’s a remix courtesy of Burial. For upcoming tour dates, go here. To check out, or download the free app, go here. Below are the app’s screenshots from an Apple Iphone.



Top photo source: Wikipedia

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