Ice Cold Nights: Book Launch & Signing. (Books)


My latest book, a “choose your own” style adventure with ninjas, pirates & monsters; Ice Cold Nights, has it’s official book launch soon at West End Comics in Parkdale. On February 24th, between 5 and 7pm, myself and artist J. Rozen will be in attendance to sign copies and dispense free ninja advice.


Summary: Ice Cold Nights
The reader’s protagonist is Jerry; a time travelling pirate with a thirst for beer, a hunger for fish tacos and a propensity for thievery. That is, until he comes across a mysterious band of ninjas, and all hell breaks loose. Along the madcap journey with his best friends Delroy and Kyle, the reader encounters sea monsters, Nazi zombies and the universally feared cthulhu creature. The key to happiness and prosperity lie in the decisions that the reader makes. Make no mistake; there are important life lessons to be learned.

(UPDATE) You can now buy Ice Cold Nights in paperback at Lulu & Amazon.
Too cheap? You can still download the free ebook over on smashwords!


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