From The Living Room To Club Night: Art Exhibition Looks at Three Decades of Dancefloor History. (Music History)

Toronto’s Black Artists’ Network in Dialogue or BAND for short, has assembled an exhibition that I’m very honoured to take part in. From The Living To Club Night highlights several pivotal moments over this city’s rich cultural history. The exhibition takes a close look at the rent parties of the 60s-70s, the seminal Twilight Zone nightclub (featuring some clips from my film Back To The Zone), stunning photography courtesy of Ian Watson and Carlos Mondesir’s infamous Bump N’ Hustle flyers for parties bringing us up to present day.

Ian-Watson1Photo by Ian Watson, from his Capturing Sound series.

The show is not just a groovy trip to back in the day; it’s a reminder of the importance that music on the dancefloor can have on a community and the positivity that can follow in bringing people together. The show runs until March 6. Catch a live panel discussion that will feature myself alongside Back To The Zone Executive Producer Michael Griffiths, Orla Garriques; curator of Capturing Sound (featuring the photography of Ian Watson) and legendary promoter Carlos Mondesir of Bump N’ Hustle fame. This event will happen today (Feb.20) between 4 and 6PM at the BAND gallery in Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood (1 Landsdowne Ave). The event is free and will feature a live performance courtesy of Tanika Charles.


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