Massive Attack’s Voodoo In My Blood: Zombie Tech That Kills. (Music & Technology)

Anytime you leave your house, you see people walk down the street, transfixed with tiny devices in their hands. On school buses. Inside darkened subway tunnels. At restaurants, bars, libraries, coffee shops. Classrooms. Hospitals. Funeral Homes. Everywhere. And while I don’t count myself as a technophobe, it sometimes feels like a worrying trend. That people sometimes prefer the company of a flickering device serving up an instant shot of hypnotizing dopamine to the brain rather than real social, human interaction.

Is this just a phase? Or only the beginning, before we have spherical devices following us around, only to serve, distract and compel us even more. Before we get distracted to death, while the world outside crumbles all around us? It’s a chilling premise, but something to contemplate before your next status update. This track features Young Fathers, and is off their new Ritual Spirit EP.

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