The Freshest of the Fresh: Remixes, Re-edits & Mashups: Summer 2016 Edition. (Music Review)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted another Fresh series, so I thought I might do something a bit different this time. A few years back, my brother very generously gifted me a usb mixer, so initially I came up with a plan to blend a few tracks together for an old school mix tape. The results were less than impressive, for two reasons. One, I couldn’t quite figure out how to configure the output of the headphones, so I couldn’t cue tracks ahead of time, and secondly, well, let’s just say my DJ skills are not quite all up to snuff after all these years.

And while admittedly, I did, at one time in my life, own a set of turntables and mixer, they were really just for spinning tunes for friends.  I sold the lot on ebay thinking I had left all that nonsense music stuff in the past and was finally ready to become a hard working, respectable member of society and full time, proper adult. It’s a good thing, that all worked out quite swimmingly, isn’t it? (Insert *winking* emoticon here.)

So rather than have you suffer through disturbingly subpar beat matching attempts, I opted instead for a playlist via soundcloud.  As you might expect from reading this blog, there’s lots of different flavours to these remixes, but I’m highlighting the ones that have that feel good summer vibe.  So crank up those speakers, grab a cold one and pop open a bag of salty goodness.

A few notes on this playlist, the initial remix of MJ’s Off The Wall I was looking for is the Secret Sun remix, which I couldn’t find on Soundcloud.  Here is that version.

I also wanted to randomly throw in an incredibly murderous, drum n bass remix of Soul II Soul’s classic Back 2 Life, which, at one time, (1995!) I possessed in vinyl form.  That one also seems to be currently unavailable on Soundcloud. You can check it out below, thanks to the magic of youtube.





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