Fresh New November Vibes: Frightnrs + Avalanches. (Music Review)


The early days of November are a stark reminder that time moves forward. Sidewalk curbs get littered with single use, hollowed out pumpkins, ready to be taken away by large men in uniforms servicing even larger, monster-sized utility trucks.

The dark grey skies overhead, though gloomy and lacking in optimism, are pierced and penetrated by bursts of colour from dying leaves. Crimson red and fiery yellow dot the trees as though the sky was about to catch fire. The air usually has a chill in it, warning of colder days to follow, but not this time.

And while there is nothing quite like rocking out to Axl Rose’s epic rendition of November Rain, (privately and in a secure setting, of course), the air can also sometimes serve as a conduit for fresh tunes.

On that note, while the season of the witch has passed us once again, that’s no reason not to give the Frightnrs a try. The Frightnrs hail from Brooklyn, NY and feature a Rocksteady flavour; that sweet audio spot between reggae and ska. Check out their sound here:

I heard about these guys through CBC’s revamped Q a few days ago. I’m digging the new host and format. If you haven’t checked it out for some time, I highly recommend giving the new show a listen. There’s also more background on some of the somewhat tragic history of The Frightnrs over here.

I also came across a new piece from The Avalanches. Remember that hot track Since I left you? Hard to believe that came out sixteen years ago(!) off their debut album back in November of 2000.

They’re finally back with some brand new music off their new album called Wildflower. Because I’m me is an excellent piece of dopeness with some of that retro flavour goodness to it. There are plenty of blaring horns to supplement clean sounding, old school hip hop and soul tinged vocals. I love this one. Have a listen.

Stay safe and warm, people. And no matter how cold, grey or wet November gets; remember how Axl handled it all.

So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain

– Guns N’ Roses, November Rain.

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