Back To The Zone: Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Toronto’s Dance Culture Doc. (Documentary Film)

I’ve finally mustered up the courage, polished off my proverbial tin cup and launched an Indiegogo initiative for my film Back To The Zone. If you haven’t yet heard of it, the film is the culmination of many years of research into the history of music culture in Toronto.

The result is a feature length documentary about one of North America’s most significant contributions in the dance culture world; the Twilight Zone. After years of speaking with dozens of djs, writers, producers, musicians, club owners and club goers and with the recent naming of a public laneway in honour of the Twilight Zone, I’m seeking some assistance to help pay for the final editing process. The good news is that we’re nearly there; I have a feature length working copy of the film; I just need that extra push to get the music we want for it, which is a vital aspect of the film and pay for other things needed during the post production process, like promotional funds, insurance and the like.

So check out our new video below and our Indiegogo campaign page and official site for more. There are tons of cool perks, no matter what your budget is. These types of projects thrive on public support and interest, so thank you to everyone for your help so far.

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