DysPOPia: Art Show Highlights Fragmented Times. (Art Review)

The age of distraction. Polarization. Populism. Euro skeptic. Trade wars. A new arms race.

If there is a positive to our (seemingly) ever increasing fragmented society, it is the work that artists are inspired enough to diligently channel and reflect. Picking up the fragments and throwing them on canvas can certainly sometimes help sort out all the confusion.  And with any hope; lead to some sense of sanity.

DysPOPia features work from Spain’s Belin, Tommaso Bet hailing from Italy and finally America’s very own Adam Lister. Check out a previous post we did back in the day from him.

From GR gallery:

The link that associates these artists, besides the already mentioned interest for analyzing in a symbolic and ironic way the contemporary world and the frivolous icons of today’s popular culture, is a deep passion for Art History. Infact the inspiration comes from Bacon, Braque, Cezanne, Picasso, Rembrandt and Warhol, among the others masters, are clearly recognizable, not only in the techniques adopted but also un the subject used.

If you’re in NYC, check out the DysPOPia show at the GR gallery June 15 until July 14. Opening reception is next Thursday, June 14 at 9PM.  In the meantime, here is a taste of some of the featured trio’s previous and current works.





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