Classic Tune: Inside The Girl From Ipanema. (Music History)

Bossa Nova is my go to music flavour I often use to transition between my work and home life. I tend to throw it on while cooking a dinner, either for a small group of friends in our pre-COVID days (remember those?) or even just for myself. I’ll pour myself a glass of red and activate the stereo.

Usually, I’ll stream a station that features the Brazilian Jazz. I don’t normally play a particular favourite, there are lots out there to choose from. But you can surely bet that somewhere in that playlist, the same girl will enter the room.

Tall and tanned and young and lovely, she will make an always unforgettable entrance, regardless of the locale. But where did this mesmerizing song first originate from? What’s behind this Bossa Nova cult classic?

Bronx based musician Adam Neely takes a deep dive into one of the most heavily covered South American tunes.

It’s a fascinating watch with tons of interesting background on it. Support his work here. And check out his music here.


Top featured photo features the original girl from Ipanema, HelĂ´ Pinheiro.

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