Mysteries of the Mind Get Explored @ TED (Culture)

TED is a non-profit conference which features the best and brightest minds speaking about technology, entertainment and design.
Here are a collection of interesting highlights in the series.
JJ Abrams (creator of Lost, Cloverfield) talks about his motivation in creating films – which is the search for infinite possibility; in short – the mystery box.

In the following clip, Michael Shermer (founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine) talks about how Humans often misinterpret events, circumstances or what they simply see as a false pattern and draw illogical conclusions to find meaning in chaos.

Finally, here is a great treat. Although it is not part of the TED series, it is featured on their site as part of their best of the web series. Douglas Adams, author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“, talks about evolution, parrots, the universe and everything. Gold!

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