Why Everybody Should Get To Know Mr. Nobody. (Film)

Just caught this movie the other night, and it is really a neat film. It’s set in the future, where nobody has to die anymore thanks to stem cells in pigs. There is, however, one last living mortal, who has only vague memories to tell him who he is. His name is Mr. Nobody, and we go back in time to find out who he is.

The only thing is, his past is astonishingly inconsistent, varied and confusing. We float through one possible timeline to the next…one moment he is married to one woman, the next, a different woman.
One moment he is brought up by his father, the next his mother. But it’s also an astonishingly wonderful journey, and it will make you think about about the choices we all made in life. And how those small moments can define ourselves in a major way years down the road.
Childhood traumas, divorce, teenage love, this film has it all, and is shot beautifully. Highly recommended.

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