Rare Andy Warhol Video Resurfaces. (Art)

I went through a period when I was obsessed with Andy Warhol. I read this really great biography about him like 15 years ago; it had a pink cover I think. See I never went to art school, so I learned all about art, movies and music by reading books from secondhand stores, going to galleries, movies and hanging out in clubs and bars. The pop art movement really held a fascination with me, and still does. It must have been a really exciting time to be in New York at the helm of a counter culture movement churning out screen printed art of soup cans that would one day be worth millions, while staring at an enthralled media and saying absolutely nothing. Totally original badass. Here is a rare clip I found of Warhol with his crew including the incomparable Nico at the Factory, and a second one with Stephen Spielberg and Bianca Jagger(!). I know, right?

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