Shameless + Episodes: Two Fresh Comedies That Deliver. (Television)

Just caught a new series called Shameless. It’s actually based on a UK series of the same name, and stars William H. Macy. It’s about a large family struggling with poverty in the mean streets of Chicago’s South side, doing what they need to get by. It’s a Showcase comedy; so much like the other excellent series Californication, there is plenty of nudity and sex to titillate. Macy plays an alcoholic, but really it’s the daughter and kids that run the show. Look out for Joan Cusack‘s character that is agoraphobic with a penchant for pegging.

Also on Showtime, Episodes is a new series about a British television couple caught up in the clutches of LA, producing an American version of their UK hit show. It has a delightfully awkward and refreshing style of humour, reminiscent of Extras. Matt Leblanc is cast as the unwitting and unsuitable American TV star slated to fill the role of the new series. Let’s hope this one doesn’t die as prematurely as Party Down.

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