How to Build a Time Machine: A Documentary About Time Travel. (Documentary)

John Titor was someone who popped up on a message board in the interwebz in 2000 and claimed to be from the future. He responded to questions from the curious and the skeptics alike and supplied the occasional documents like the one you see above. In the end though, he simply vanished without a trace, and left a sea of unanswered questions. As you’d expect from a scenario like this, there’s a polarized split between those that are Titor believers, and those that think he was a prankster or even worse, a fraud. Io9 just ran a recent article that seems to point to the latter.

Fast forward to the present, and we have Jay Cheel (Director of the wonderful documentary Beauty Day), doing a doc on the whole John Titor phenonmenon. I’m excited about this project because it’s been a fascination of mine for so long, and judging by the promo trailer, he’s gonna do good. Can’t wait! To find out more about the project and maybe kick in a donation, click here.

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