The Silk Road is Closed & The Dread Pirate Roberts is in Custody. (Technology)


Whenever I hear the term Silk Road, it never fails to conjure up a very romantic image in my head of convoys of camels traversing amidst tall desert dunes, stopping off every now and then to trade spices and silks under large tents with belly dancers. The modern day Silk Road, however, is really just a series of powerful encryption protocols to allow the trade in stuff likes narcotics, and all kinds of super illegal things, like you know, hit men. The feds just caught up with the alleged mastermind of Silk Road, with the hilarious moniker of The Dread Pirate Roberts. Not so hilarious are the charges, the most serious of which include (allegedly) trying to procure the services of a hit man to take out a former employee. Read the whole story here. I’ve also dug up the video of a swordfight between Inigo Montoya and the (alleged) Dread Pirate Roberts.

Above photo by Neurdein Freres.

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