The Lion Sleeps Tonight: The Long Hard Journey of a Lost African Melody. (Music History)


Anyone that’s seen one of this year’s best documentaries Searching For Sugarman can attest that the music industry has been blind to many injustices committed to musicians since it’s very inception. Particularly to black musicians, and even worse to a young Zulu kid from the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. One fateful day at a recording studio, he hummed a short melody that would later become the most famous one to emerge from the dark continent. What followed next is a fascinating journey of a tune that was handed down over the years, retooled by white musicians to be more radio friendly, earning almost everyone millions of bucks with the exception of the original writer. If you are going to read one musical article today; make it this one. It’s a hell of a journey of an article by Rian Mallan, originally published in Rolling Stone. Read it here.

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