Cold Fresh Pillows’ New Mix is 100% Dopeness. (Music Review)


Thanks to a nod on Ellie Goulding’s instagram, this trippy, Ambien-infused chilled out mix has gone viral, and with good reason. The new set courtesy of Cold Fresh Pillows is nothing short of superb. Featuring restrained trappy beats punctuated with groove tinged vocals, it just might be what the doctor ordered for a winter deep freeze like this one. So keep warm, stay indoors, and have a listen. (above photo by glendagh on Flickr)

Track listing:
Samuel Truth – Gaia
Daniel Curpen – Work Yo Body (Affelaye Remix)
Pretendingtowalkslow ft. Zeroh (M. Constant Remix)
Ariel Camusso & Persian Empire – Time (123Mrk remix)
Suasion – Alter
Papertoy – The Love
Endaf – I Want Some
Murder Beach – You
Syre – Let Me Go
Boeboe – Negative ROI
Sage The Gemini – Don’t You
Fl∆ming❍sis – Add The Bassline
XNDR J – Moving On
Fitzroy – Turtle Haze
Xian – Feel
Daktyl – Why You
Cypriot Vibez – Girl I Want
2AM Club – Black Liquor (Bassy Remix)
Pascäal – Drowning In You
Zaika – I Can’t Stop
S.F.T – Manenuff
Mura Masa – Tough On You
Sexytime – Inamorata
Kamandi – Smoke Club
Klimeks – Tokyo Train
Mieux – Pearl (Sekuoia Remix)
Kit Pop – Just Another Day

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