Ronald Jenkees’ New Album Update for RJCD4: There Came An Echo. (Music)

Everyone’s favourite fedora and coke bottle glass wearing, keyboard playing wizard is still working on some fresh new material. Ronald Jenkees has just completed producing the soundtrack for There Came an Echo, a crowd funded strategy game starring Wil Wheaton. It’s slated for release mid to late 2014, which really means anywhere from June onwards, and Jenkees is promising his fourth album should coincide with this release. The good news is that he’s sorting through and tweaking around 20 tracks and determining which of those are album worthy for RJCD4. He’s promising some snippets of previews soon, which is great. But I think I speak for all of us when I say what we really crave is an old fashioned youtube video of Jenkees cranking out one of his tunes on a keyboard. I miss those.

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