Tokyo Adorned: Photography Book on Japanese Street Style. (Photography)

You know when you get really excited because, say, you found a pair of sneakers that are pretty dope? That happened to me last week. I went into a store, found them, paid for them, and for the next couple of weeks, I will feel like a new man. Then one day, the feeling will inevitably dissipate as the shoes wear down over time. I will become my usual self again, having been brought back down to Earth thanks to the dirt, grime and wear and tear of the streets. But not all of us are like this. NYC based photographer Thomas C. Card just released a book last week containing a series of photos that detail the crazy sub genres of street style you can find on the streets and clubs of Tokyo. This is fashion taken to a whole new level. And beyond. Tokyo Adorned uncovers the tribal fashionista level of commitment that astronauts have for training in space. They just apply that level of energy towards makeup, clothes and Peruvian oven mitts and/or gas masks. Check out more images below, along with some behind the scenes video.
Ps. I still like my shoes. If you see me on the street, I will show them to you.





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